Owners: Bill & Angell Clark

We farm in the highlands of the beautiful Lake Chelan Valley and grow some of the best apples, cherries and blueberries in the world. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle that involves some amazing people that share our passion for cultivating plants with natural organic products, gripping stuff so stick around!

Office Manager: Abby Sather

Abby came to us recently and has been a godsend! She's a wizard with excel, a savant with HR, and tenacious hard-worker.  With a unique and infectious laugh, Abby brings sunshine to our office and we are so happy to have her on our team!    

Crew Boss: Carlos Cardenas

My name is Carlos and two accomplishments that I am proud of are that I got my CDL license, and of all the places that I've worked I've always managed to rise to be a crew supervisor.  I am happy I have been able to earn the trust of my employers and I am always willing to learn and excel myself.  What I like about farming is that it takes dedication, knowledge and hard-work to see good results and we've always been able to get good results here at Diamondback. 

Crew Boss: Rodolfo Zavala

Prior to my job working for Diamondback Acres, I worked as a store manager and a landscaping foreman.  This job has taught me to multitask and use and develop many different skills.  I've learned that I can master any job that I set my mind to.  I like working here because I want to continue growing and learning new jobs for my family and for myself.  I love the way in agriculture you never stop learning. 

Field Mechanic: Gerardo Morales

Coming soon! 

Tree Fruit Specialist: Phil Simmons 

Coming soon! 

Management Support: Natalie Clark

My name is Natalie, I'm Bill and Angell's daughter and I graduated from WSU in 2011.  I love farming because it preserves the beauty of the land while generating income and jobs within the community.  I love the marketing side of farming and predicting what consumers will want next. I'm excited for the many new projects Diamondback has on the horizon such as direct sale marketing, value-added products, and a few different smaller affiliated businesses.  This is the best job because I feel like everyone gets to take on whatever project they are most passionate about.  

86 Chelan Ranch Road

Chelan WA 98816



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